Question: How much does it cost to rent a machine?

Answer: Our rental prices are $249 for a Single Barrel Unit and take out $274 for a Double Barrel Unit. $25 delivery and pick-up within 20 miles of 20018. If you live outside of the 20-mile area then you will be charged $35 plus tolls.

Question: How much alcohol is needed per batch of mix?

Answer: For the traditional lime margaritas from 2- 1.75 liter (1/2 gallon jug handles) of tequila are required per batch with 1/2 liter of triple sec. Other mixes like strawberry, pina colada, blue razzberry require 2 liters of alcohol per batch depending on the flavor.

Question: Can I use your machines to make non-alcoholic drinks?

Answer: Yes, our drink mixes are delicious with or without alcohol and perfect for company picnics, High School Graduations, birthday parties and other special events.

Question: What types of frozen drink machines do you rent?

Answer: We rent two types of machines, single flavor and double flavor. Single flavor machines make one flavor at a time and work well for up to 125 people. The double flavor machines give you the option of serving two flavors at the same time and work well for up to 100 people. The single barrel machines can be used outdoor when temperatures exceed 90 degrees. The double barrel machines cannot be used outside when temperatures are above 87 degrees or very humid.

Question: Are the machines easy to operate? Do you leave instructions for making more batches?

Answer: Yes. We show you how to make the drinks and run the equipment. We leave you detailed instructions and drink recipes, as well as a 24-hour service number in case you have questions.

Question: How long does it take the initial batch to freeze?

Answer: Depending on the machine you order, the initial batch will freeze in anywhere from 45 minutes (single flavor) to 2-3 hours (double flavor).

Question: Is a deposit required to rent a machine?

Answer: No deposit required, however you always have the option to pay anytime before your event.

Question: How far in advance should I book my machine?

Answer: We recommend booking at least two weeks or more in advance of your event date during the summer months or on holidays.

Question: How big are the machines and what are the power requirements?

Answer: The machines come on a wheeled cart and we ask that you leave them on the cart. They require a standard 120V outlet. Since they draw about the same amps as a refrigerator or freezer, they MUST be plugged into a circuit that does not already have a large appliance. 99.9% of any machine problems that arise are caused by the machine sharing a circuit with an inflatable jumper, a disc jockey set-up, a freezer or refrigerator, nacho cheese warmer, etc. THIS IS CRITICAL!

Question: Do I have to clean the machine before you come to pick it up?

Answer: No! There are no cleaning responsibilities or charges for you. Just turn the machine off when your party is over.

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